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NOW OPEN at Rockland Centre.

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EYE CARE has never

Optical centre & boutique showroom

Centre Rockland2305 Chem. Rockland
Montréal (QC) H3P 3E9
(514) HARINA-1 (514)427-4621

Who we are:

We are a new generation
of state-of-the-art optometry.

We are experienced doctors of optometry, licensed opticians and eye care visionaries.

We are exceptional in affordable luxury eyewear choice.

We are custom eye care
for the entire family.

Our qualified optometrists have redefined the patient experience using their optical expertise and experience, cutting-edge, AI-Powered equipment and diagnostic tools, rapid assessment and compassionate personalized care.

From routine eye exams to eye disease screening—and beyond—we are a full-service optometry clinic offering patient-centered eye care in addition to luxury eyewear. From tots to teens and adults to elders, our mission is to empower you to see better and look your best.

We are a full-service
Optometry Clinic:

  • Rapid, personalized ocular assessments.
  • Routine and comprehensive eye exams including advanced retinal testing.
  • Family Optometry including pediatric and geriatric testing.
  • Cutting-edge treatments for chronic conditions like dry eye, myopia & much more.
  • Expert eye disease screening, diagnostics & management.
  • Rapid diagnosis & treatment of ocular emergencies.
  • Eyewear headquarters for glasses & sunglasses.
  • Innovative prescription/non-prescription lens technology.
  • Brand name contact lenses for daily wear, astigmatism and multi-focal… to name a few.
  • Express 1-hour eyeglasses and repairs.

"We have a VISION.


Our boutique showroom steals the fashion eyewear show…

Finally, an optical boutique that recognizes how your eyewear defines you. Dr. Harina Thyriar, optometrist, has scoured the world in search of the finest, most flattering trends in luxury eyewear.

The result is thousands of unique, top-of-the-line frames handpicked to express your individual eyewear style at prices to suit all budgets. From classic to contemporary to haute-couture chic, show the world your eye for style.



  • We are a team of expert Montréal Doctors of Optometry led by Dr. Harina Thyriar, optometrist, a DEDICATED Doctor of Optometry offering her patients a wealth of experience in the field, a proven track record in eye care research and the skills to help optimize eye health and vision.
  • We are expertly trained, and have state-of-the-art AI equipment at our fingertips to help perform fast, accurate diagnostics and to aid in providing a wide range of effective treatments.
  • We are explorers & visionaries in the eye health field seeking constant innovation.
  • We are patient-focused optometry services for the entire family.
  • We are the future of fashion forward eyewear and contact lens technology.
Dr. Harina Thyriar, optometrist

Dr. Harina Thyriar, optometrist

Doctor of Optometry / President

Dr. Harina Thyriar, optometrist, is all about “VISION” and hers was to open a state-of-the-art, full-service, AI technology Optometry Clinic AND upscale eyewear boutique showroom in Montréal under one roof. After 20 years of experience in the optical field (including her externship working alongside U.S. & Canadian ophthalmologists), and over a decade as a respected Doctor of Optometry delivering premium care locally, her dream is finally a reality. It is called HARINA Optométristes, Rockland Centre.

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Dr. Sara Lahoud, optometrist

Dr. Sara Lahoud, optometrist

Doctor of Optometry / Clinical Professor

Dr. Sara Lahoud, Optometrist, is a respected Doctor of Optometry possessing over a decade of Clinical Experience. She is most recognized for her Elevated Skill Set in diverse areas like Ocular Disease Management, Pediatric Optometry and Binocular Vision. She is also a highly respected Educator and Clinical Faculty Member of the Université de Montréal, renowned for her dedication to the Next Generation of Optometrists of Québec—specifically the students of Optometry. Her intense Passion for the Profession—especially Pediatric Optometry—and her commitment to delivering Compassionate Patient Care make her a perfect addition to this Family Optical Centre.

Dr. Harina Thyriar, Optometrist, is Honoured to welcome this Accomplished Doctor of Optometry and Clinical Professor to the Team Harina Executive Division.

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Mireille A. Kharter

Mireille A. Kharter

Director of operations

Mireille began her career abroad as an Accountant assigned to important government contracts. Once in Canada, her PASSION for OPTOMETRY was ignited when she joined a Leading Optical Chain as a salesperson to learn the business from the ground up. She was promoted to store manager and, not long after, her experience, dedication and business acumen soon landed her the position of Director of Operations, Québec for the chain.

Dr. Harina, optometrist, now welcomes this Accomplished Businessperson to her MANAGEMENT TEAM.

Teodora Stefan

Teodora Stefan

Creative Director

Visionary Artist. Creative Virtuoso. Teodora's FLAIR transcends conventions. From DYNAMIC VISUALS to ENTHRALLING STORYTELLING, her storied journey showcases a passion for melding art and brand narratives. Her prowess extends beyond just the frame, with mastery in lighting, model orchestration, and innovative conceptualization. Her ethos? Art that Speaks: Compelling. Engrossing. Timeless. She isn’t one to mirror trends; she pioneers them.

Dr. Harina, optometrist, is ELATED to usher in this PIONEERING CREATIVE FORCE to her EXECUTIVE CADRE.

Kiritharan Siva

Kiri Siva

Sales & Marketing

Influencer. Marketing Guru. Kiri’s VISION is the whole package. From INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS to SEAMLESS EXECUTIONS, his illustrious career is devoted to developing unique, winning strategies in Marketing, Design and E-commerce. He is a Certified Graphic Designer with Google Certification in Digital Marketing and SEO Specialization. His forte is Marketing that focuses on both the seller and the consumer: Innovative. Clear. Easy-to-decide. He’ll never follow digital trends; he sets them.

Dr. Harina, optometrist, now welcomes this Trendsetting Marketing Expert to her MANAGEMENT TEAM.


We strive to surpass your expectations for optical excellence.

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