Explore the comprehensive privacy policy of HARINA Optométristes, designed to protect your personal information and ensure confidentiality. From data collection to usage and disclosure practices, this policy outlines our commitment to maintaining the security of your identity and interactions with us.

Safeguarding Your Information at HARINA Optométristes Delve into the intricacies of our privacy policy to understand how we acquire, utilize, and protect your personal information. Learn about the scope of data collection, the purposes behind it, and the measures in place to safeguard your identity. Discover the options available to you for managing your information and controlling promotional communications. Trust in our commitment to privacy as we guide you through our policies and practices at HARINA Optométristes.

HARINA Optométristes

HARINA Optométristes Inc. [NOTE: ENTITY NAME SUBJECT TO CHANGE] ("HARINA Optométristes," "we," or "our"), in conjunction with our affiliated and subsidiary entities, collectively referred to as "HARINA," places paramount importance on the safeguarding of your identity and the confidentiality of the personal information entrusted to us. This privacy policy encapsulates our approach to the collection, utilization, and protection of personal information. It pertains to data obtained both within our physical establishments and through our digital platform, www.harina.ca, encompassing the entirety of our customer interactions.

This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") delineates the scope of personal information acquisition, its underlying purposes, the methods of its application, and the potential instances of sharing with third-party entities. Furthermore, the Policy elucidates the options available to you concerning the curation, application, and disclosure of your personal information. It is imperative to recognize that HARINA Optométristes operates solely within the confines of this Policy when handling your personal information.

By accessing the [www.harina.ca] website and/or engaging in any way, you signify your unequivocal acceptance of the terms and conditions expounded in the Policy. In the event of modifications to the Policy, we commit to notifying our valued customers and website users by publishing the revised Policy on our website. Subsequent to this publication, your sustained utilization of the www.harina.ca website, alongside our in-store services and online transaction facilities, will unequivocally denote your endorsement of the updated Policy.

Our digital interface and applications, alongside our services and tools, also extend to mobile devices, encompassing mobile applications and mobile-optimized websites. The principles outlined within this Policy stand applicable to all instances of mobile access and utilization. It is noteworthy that the same principles shall be invoked by all linked mobile applications or mobile-optimized websites.

1) Timing of information accrual:

  1. Visiting our physical establishments or accessing our website does not obligate you to divulge personal information.
  2. However, circumstances necessitating information collection include but are not limited to:
    1. Scheduling an eye exam appointment, either online, via telephone, or in-store
    2. Booking a frame selecting/fitting appointment online
    3. Creating a patient profile within our physical premises
    4. Establishing an online customer account (through our website at www.harina.ca)
    5. Engaging in in-store or online transactions
    6. Opting for subscription to our newsletters or promotional materials
    7. Participating in sweepstakes or surveys
    8. Communicating queries or comments via electronic mail
  3. It is crucial to underscore that HARINA Optométristes refrains from acquiring financial data such as credit card or financing information.
  4. We also passively garner information through mechanisms such as cookies.
  5. Information may also be procured from alternate sources, including Affiliates of HARINA Optométristes. These entities may contribute information about your orders or customer records. It is imperative to reiterate that disclosure of such information to non-affiliated third parties remains within the confines of this policy or in alignment with your prior consent.

2) Nature of information collected:

  1. The extent of information collected is contingent upon the nature of interaction with our esteemed clientele. This encompasses personal information facilitating your direct or indirect identification. Illustrative examples encompass given names, surnames, dates of birth, addresses, electronic mail addresses, telephone numbers, preferred language, gender, transaction details, lifestyle preferences, medical data (inclusive of medications), ocular prescription particulars, and communication preferences.
  2. When navigating our digital interface, supplementary data may be collated. This data preserves your anonymity and includes information automatically captured through cookies, temporarily archived for processing. This category may entail browser data, internet service provider details, operating systems, IP addresses, geographic coordinates, and timestamps. Moreover, Other Information may encompass app utilization metrics, demographics, user-provided information, geographic location, and aggregated data. We reserve the prerogative to utilize and disclose Other Information for diverse purposes, unless stipulated otherwise by applicable law.

3) Objectives of information collection:

  1. HARINA Optométristes may judiciously utilize your personal information for an array of objectives, which include but are not limited to:
    1. Streamlining order processing or addressing queries pertinent to orders;
    2. Validating scheduled eye exams or frame fitting appointments;
    3. Issuing reminders pertaining to eye exams and appointments;
    4. Facilitating the fabrication of products procured online or in-store;
    5. Disseminating promotional content, encompassing newsletters and exclusive offers;
    6. Soliciting participation in surveys or sweepstakes;
    7. Extending invitations for survey participation to ameliorate products and customer service;
    8. Acting in concurrence with perceived necessity or appropriateness: (a) in adherence to pertinent legislation, inclusive of extraterritorial legal provisions; (b) adhering to legal mandates and law enforcement requisitions; (c) responding to overtures from public or governmental authorities, encompassing entities situated beyond your nation of residence; (d) enforcing our stipulated terms and conditions; (e) fortifying our operational infrastructure or that of our affiliates; (f) safeguarding the rights, interests, privacy, security, or assets of HARINA Optométristes and HARINA, encompassing your welfare and that of others; and (g) affording us the means to pursue available remedies or minimize potential losses.
    9. Avenues for unsubscribing from promotional communications remain at your disposal. For comprehensive details, refer to the section titled "Your choices about receiving promotional communications."

4) Disclosure of information to third parties:

  1. Sharing of your personal information may transpire with the headquarters of HARINA Optométristes – HARINA – contingent upon your visits to our website at www.harina.ca, engagement in in-store or online transactions, participation in sweepstakes or surveys, or receipt of promotional content. This interaction facilitates correspondence from HARINA via email, postal services, or alternative mediums, disseminating insights into the Group's products or services of potential interest. This sharing adheres to the stipulations articulated in this Policy. Furthermore, disclosure of your personal information to our Affiliates for purposes enunciated within this Policy is a tenet upheld.
  2. Upon obtaining requisite written authorization as mandated by prevailing law, sharing of your personal information with third-party service providers may occur. These entities provide services encompassing website hosting, virtual eye exams, virtual frame try-ons, data analysis, payment processing, order fulfillment, IT services, customer support, electronic mail delivery services, credit card processing, auditing, and allied services. Such service providers are entrusted with confidential obligations. Notably, in scenarios wherein a third-party processor operates within Canada or the United States, processing and storage of personal information may transpire within its jurisdiction. It is pivotal to acknowledge that Canadian or United States federal or provincial or state authorities may potentially obtain access to personal information under the framework of CANADIAN and U.S. laws.
  3. In alignment with the bounds delineated in this Policy, we do not engage in the sale or lease of personal information to external, non-affiliated third parties. Nevertheless, circumstances warranting the reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, or transfer of our business components may mandate the sharing or disclosure of your personal information to actual or prospective purchasers. This facilitates the evaluation of proposed transactions or the stewardship of acquired business operations in congruence with the objectives stipulated within this Policy.
  4. We retain the prerogative to disclose personal information in compliance with stipulated necessity or appropriateness. This encompasses instances set forth in clauses (a) to (g) within this section, in congruence with prevailing legal mandates and operational imperatives.

5) Managing promotional communications:

  1. Our communication efforts are directed solely at recipients who express a genuine desire to receive correspondence. If you wish to abstain from receiving promotional information from us or our parent entity HARINA, or should you choose to limit the utilization of your information to heighten your shopping experience (including eye exam reminders), we implore you to articulate your preferences. This can be accomplished through any of the following means: contacting us at 1 877 427-4621, conveying your intentions via email to info@harina.ca, or forwarding your request to HARINA Optométristes Customer Service, located at 5202-2305 Chemin Rockland, Mont-Royal, QC H3P 3E9. Your submission should include comprehensive particulars encompassing your full name, contact number, and email address. A waiting period of up to two (2) weeks may be required to process postal requests, during which interval you may still receive communications from HARINA Optométristes or HARINA. Additionally, unsubscribing from our email services can be executed using the unsubscribe link embedded within promotional correspondence from HARINA Optométristes or HARINA.
  2. It is imperative to underscore that despite opting out of promotional communications, we retain the latitude to engage you for transactional purposes. This involves instances such as customer service interactions, furnishing product information, service notices, reminders, or product recalls. It is also plausible that queries or information pertinent to your orders, encompassing status updates, shipment particulars, or refunds, necessitate communication.

6) Cookies and their utilization:

  1. The utilization of "cookies" to track preferences and activities on the www.harina.ca website is a recognized practice. Cookies are minuscule data files conveyed to your computer's hard drive by a website. They chronicle your preferences, heightening subsequent site visits' efficiency. Cookies may harbor diverse information, ranging from visit frequency to registration details and page or item viewing frequency. Widely embraced by prominent platforms, cookies enhance the user experience. While most browsers accept cookies by default, they can be tailored to prohibit or deactivate them. For comprehensive guidance on managing cookies, consult your browser's documentation. However, it is vital to recognize that some site functionalities may be compromised without cookies, potentially impacting user experience.

7) Access, modification, withdrawal of consent, inquiries, and complaints:

  1. HARINA Optométristes remains committed to maintaining the accuracy, integrity, and currency of collected personal information, aligned with its intended utilization. You possess the entitlement to request access to, review, rectify, update, suppress, erase, or limit the utilization of your personal information in our possession. To initiate such a request or to address queries or concerns related to this Policy or our privacy practices, kindly engage our Privacy Officer as enumerated in the subsequent "Privacy Officer" section. When articulating your request, be specific regarding the changes sought, the preference for data suppression, or the desired limitations on information use. Our endeavor is to expedite your request prudently. Notably, residual data may subsist in databases and records despite our best efforts, as dictated by legal requirements and records preservation mandates.
  2. In cases where prior consent has been granted for the collection, usage, and/or disclosure of personal information, withdrawal of consent can also be facilitated through correspondence with our Privacy Officer, as elaborated in the ensuing "Privacy Officer" section.

8) Privacy officer:

  1. The role of Privacy Officer for HARINA Optométristes has been entrusted to Kiritharan Siva. He holds the mantle of overseeing our conformity with this Policy.
  2. For inquiries, concerns, or requests pertaining to our Policy and practices or to initiate access or correction requests concerning your personal information within our purview, kindly communicate with the Privacy Officer. Correspondence may be directed to the address: 5202-2305 Chemin Rockland, Mont-Royal, QC H3P 3E9. Comprehensive guidelines for submitting requests, queries, or complaints can be gleaned from the segment titled "Access, Modification, Withdrawal of Consent, Inquiries, and Complaints."
  3. In scenarios wherein perceived non-compliance with privacy legislation or our Policy has transpired, you possess the prerogative to file a complaint with the Privacy Officer, utilizing the aforementioned address. All complaints will be subjected to thorough investigation. Should a complaint be deemed substantiated post-inquiry, appropriate measures shall be instituted to redress the situation, potentially entailing policy amendments.

9) Retention period for personal information:

  1. Personal information shall be retained for a duration commensurate with the objectives articulated in this Policy or in alignment with stipulated legal obligations.

10) Personal information security:

  1. HARINA Optométristes has instituted robust safeguards to ensure the confidentiality and security of personal information. These measures are calibrated to preclude loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, duplication, manipulation, or misuse. The implementation of these measures is commensurate with data sensitivity and intended usage. It is imperative to underline that strict adherence to this Policy is mandatory for every HARINA Optométristes employee, representative, or agent.

Mobile privacy:

    The utilization of our mobile-optimized website may entail the receipt of location and device-specific information, including a distinctive identifier for your device. HARINA Optométristes and our service providers may harness and store this data to deliver location-based services, customized search outcomes, and tailored content. Importantly, we exclusively send notifications to customers who opt to receive them. A majority of mobile devices afford users the ability to control or deactivate location services through device settings. For precise directives on disabling location services, it is advisable to consult your mobile service provider or device manufacturer.

Other websites:

    Our website may incorporate hyperlinks directing to external websites not under our purview. This Policy is exclusively applicable to our practices, thus rendering it inapplicable to third-party practices. Consequently, we absolve ourselves of any responsibility concerning actions, practices, or omissions by third parties. By accessing external websites via hyperlinks from our site, you effectively absolve us from any accountability for third-party actions. It is incumbent upon users to scrutinize the privacy policies of such third-party websites. HARINA and its affiliates cannot be held accountable for any ensuing damages or injuries arising from the mishandling of personal information on external websites.

Modifications to privacy policy:

    In the event of modifications to the Policy, communication will be facilitated through the dissemination of updated versions on our website and/or pertinent applications. Your continued utilization of the site post these modifications is indicative of your concurrence with the revised terms. We stress the importance of periodic review of the Policy and its revisions.

Children under the age of 14:

    Our digital services are explicitly tailored for individuals aged 14 and above. We refrain from soliciting personal information from individuals under 14 years of age or transmitting unsolicited promotions to them, absent parental consent.

Last updated on August 16, 2023

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