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At HARINA Optométristes, we believe in empowering our patients with knowledge. Our extensive FAQ section is meticulously curated to address the most common and pressing queries you might have about eye health, the latest in eyewear trends, choosing the right contacts, and understanding the array of services our clinic offers. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a long-standing patient, this page is designed to provide clarity and insights, ensuring you make informed decisions about your eye care. Dive in and let us guide you towards clear vision and optimum eye health.

Clear Insights

Your Eye Care Queries, Answered.

Q1. How often do I need to have an eye exam?

The frequency of eye exams varies depending on factors like age, overall health, and existing eye conditions. Generally, adults without known eye issues should schedule a comprehensive eye exam every 1-2 years. However, individual needs may differ. Consult with your optometrist to determine the ideal exam schedule tailored to your specific requirements.

Q2. Can I get a copy of my prescription, and is there an additional cost to obtain my prescription?

Yes, you can obtain a copy of your prescription, and there is no additional cost associated with it. Your eye examination prescription belongs to you, and it's provided at no extra charge. In many cases, your PD (Pupillary distance) is also included in the prescription, making it convenient if you choose to order your prescription glasses online.

Q3. Is the prescription for my glasses the same as the one for contact lenses?

No, the prescription for eyeglasses is not the same as the one for contact lenses. Each prescription is unique because they cater to different vision correction needs. While the glasses prescription includes details like your pupillary distance (PD), the contact lens prescription includes additional specifications and measurements specifically tailored for the comfort and safety of your eyes when wearing contact lenses. It's essential to have the right prescription for the type of correction you plan to use. Our experienced optometrists will ensure accuracy and suitability for your chosen eyewear, whether it's glasses or contact lenses.

Q4. How does HARINA Optométristes utilize AI technology in eye exams?

At HARINA Optométristes, we incorporate cutting-edge AI technology to enhance the precision and depth of our comprehensive eye exams. This advanced approach allows us to diagnose and address eye conditions with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring you receive the best care possible.

Q5. Can I really get my prescription glasses made within an hour?

Yes! For most prescriptions, we pride ourselves on our efficient service that allows you to get your prescription glasses crafted within just one hour on the same day of your visit. However, complex prescriptions may require additional time.

Q6. How flexible is your scheduling given that optometrists are available 7 days a week?

With our optometrists available all week long, we can offer faster and immediate appointments. This ensures minimal wait times and better flexibility for our patients, catering especially to those with busy schedules.

Q7. What brands of lenses do you offer at HARINA Optométristes?

We offer a variety of premium lens brands to ensure the best visual experience for our patients. Notably, we carry major premium lenses such as Nikon and Essilor, trusted for their quality and performance.

Q8. Do I need an appointment to see an optometrist at HARINA?

Yes, patients are seen strictly by appointment to ensure personalized care and minimize waiting times. Given our 7-day availability, securing an appointment that suits your schedule is easier than ever.

Q9. Do you offer direct billing for insurance claims?

Yes, we can submit claims directly to many insurance companies on your behalf, making the process more convenient for you. You can provide us with your insurance information, and we'll assist you in processing your claim efficiently.

Q10. Does HARINA Optométristes offer direct billing services with my insurance company?

Almost all major insurance companies are included in our direct billing service, making the claims process more convenient for you. You can verify if your insurance company is on the list below:

  • Beneva Inc.
  • Blue Cross
  • BPA - Benefit Plan Administrators
  • Canada Life
  • Canada Life - PSHCP
  • Canadian Construction Workers Union
  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance
  • ClaimSecure
  • Coughlin & Associates Ltd.
  • Cowan
  • D.A. Townley
  • Desjardins Insurance
  • Equitable Life of Canada
  • First Canadian
  • GMS Carrier 49
  • GMS Carrier 50
  • GroupHEALTH
  • GroupSource
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Johnson Inc.
  • Johnston Group Inc.
  • LiUNA Local 183
  • LiUNA Local 506
  • Manion
  • Manulife
  • Maximum Benefit
  • People Corporation
  • RWAM Insurance Administrators
  • Simply Benefits
  • Sun Life
  • TELUS AdjudiCare
  • Union Benefits
  • UV Insurance

Please be aware that while your insurance company may be listed, the ability to submit claims directly can depend on the specific policies within your insurance plan. Our team will assist you in navigating the claims process based on your individual policy details.

Understanding the 'See Better to Succeed' Initiative by Régie de l’Assurance Maladie du Québec (RAMQ)

Q1. What is the purpose of the "See Better to Succeed" program?

The "See Better to Succeed" program is an initiative by the government to support the vision care of children in Quebec. It offers financial assistance in the form of reimbursements for prescription glasses or contact lenses for children under 18.

Q2. How much can I expect to be reimbursed under this program?

The reimbursement amount is determined by the purchase date of the eyeglasses or contact lenses. Purchases from April 1, 2023, onward will receive a $300 reimbursement. This amount is fixed and won't vary based on the cost or quantity of your purchase.

Q3. Are all children in Quebec eligible for this program?

Yes, all children are eligible provided they are under 18 at the time of the purchase, are covered under the Health Insurance Plan, and have received a prescription for corrective eyewear during an eye examination by a certified optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Q4. Does the program also cover the cost of the eye examination?

Yes, the eye examination is covered by health insurance for children under the age of 18. For more details, you can refer to the Optometric services page .

Q5. How can I apply for the reimbursement offered by the "See Better to Succeed" program?

To apply for the reimbursement, please complete the online application. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation and details, including the GST number found on your invoice from the eyewear purchase. You can start your application by clicking here or, if you prefer, one of our representatives can assist you with the submission directly at our clinic when making your purchase. Additionally, please note that the government may request additional documents, such as the prescription, which can also be submitted online.

Q6. Is the reimbursement affected by the actual cost of the eyeglasses or contact lenses?

No, the reimbursement amount is fixed and does not vary with the actual cost of your purchase or the number of eyeglasses or contact lenses you buy.

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